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‘Make A Swimming Costume’ Online Course


Do you struggle to find a swimming costume that fits you in fabric you love? Are you put off working with stretch fabrics and elastic? Does the idea of making your own swimwear seem a bit daunting? Come along and join me on my comprehensive and easy to follow on-line sewing course so you can make your own fabulous one piece pull on swimming costume.

The whole process has been broken down into small sections for you to refer to from the comfort of your own home. I’ll take you through the process of measuring, fabric selection, haberdashery, pattern alteration, machine techniques, fitting and finishing your very own one piece pull on swimsuit. You will be amazed at what you can achieve!

Come on, dive in…

Chapter 1. Introducing the costume
Chapter 2. Fabric, elastic and thread choices
Chapter 3. Equipment
Chapter 4. Equipment for pattern alteration
Chapter 5. Taking body measurements
Chapter 6. Assessing your body size
Chapter 7. Bust alteration
Chapter 8. Back width alteration
Chapter 9. Back length alteration
Chapter 10. Hip alteration
Chapter 11. Laying out and cutting
Chapter 12. Stitch selection
Chapter 13. Applying elastic
Chapter 14. Darts part 1
Chapter 15. Darts part 2
Chapter 16. Edge finishing of the crotch and bust panel
Chapter 17. Bust panel part 1
Chapter 18. Bust panel part 2
Chapter 19. Side seams
Chapter 20. Applying armhole elastic
Chapter 21. Shoulder seams and front neckline
Chapter 22. Finishing the neckline
Chapter 23. Applying leg elastic
Chapter 24. Crotch seam and finishing the legs
Chapter 25. It’s a wrap


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